Fully on-line CELTA Courses

The Cambridge CELTA (temporarily!) fully online

Make the Best Possible Use of Your Downtime

Become fully CELTA-qualified in just 4 weeks with the Akcent IH Prague online CELTA. Our new easy-access course developed for the Covid pandemic period lets you gain the industry’s leading TEFL qualification from the comfort of your own home.

Take the course at our highly regarded centre and save on travel and accommodation costs. Save your actual visit to our beautiful city for easier times.

Once the pandemic restrictions cease, this online version will no longer be possible, so take advantage while you can!

The course will allow you to fulfill all the requirements of a face to face course.

You will:

  • Take part in 120 hours of input, tutor and peer observations and teaching practice
  • Participate in interactive input sessions, covering topics essential to both face to face teaching and online teaching
  • Have at least 4 hours of screen time with the course tutor a day (Monday – Friday)
  • Teach 8 lessons online to group classes, using a variety of teaching techniques and lesson frameworks
  • Have access to a range of teaching videos, tutorials and reference material
  • Receive training and support from experienced and highly qualified teacher trainers who are based in Prague and are regular members of Akcent’s training team
  • Earn a Cambridge CELTA certificate just as you would on a regular face-to-face CELTA course

How to Apply?

The application process is the same as our normal courses. To apply, click here and download the application and pre-interview task.

Technology requirements

  • A laptop or desktop computer
  • A recommended internet speed of 5 Mbps or a minimum of 600kbps

On the course we use:

  • Zoom
  • MS Word (or Open Office, or Libra Office)
  • A pdf processing tool
  • OneDrive
  • GoogleDocs 


The course programme contact time is between 9am and 6pm Prague time (CEST). We are more than happy to adapt the timing to suit candidates. So even if you are from several time zones away, we should be able to find a solution.