How to apply

Minimum requirements

Course participants must:

  • be competent English speakers;
  • at least 18 years old;
  • have had some initial training and/or experience in teaching.

The AKCENT International House Prague selection procedure is as follows:

  1. Complete and send the application form (see below).
  2. We will immediately acknowledge the receipt of your application.
  3. Within two working days you will be contacted with the result of your application. You will be invited to a selection interview conducted via Skype or face to face. You will agree a suitable time with one of the course tutors.
    Should the application form show a significant weakness, we will let you know what the problems was and recommend alternative courses or ways to get better prepared.
  4. You will be interviewed, and informed at the end of the interview as to whether or not you are to be offered a place. The interview is also a good time to ask about anything you still don’t know about the course.