The course’s main objective is to introduce you to, and help you (re)evaluate and (re)consider, the main principles involved in teaching Young Learners English. This course will give you the key skills to help you excel in teaching both children and teens and get valuable practical ideas.

The course is not designed with one particular age group in mind. Workshops cover the complete range of young learners (from 2-16 years) and your teaching practice and peer observation will be organised at two different age groups.

The course is standardised by International House World Organisation (IHWO) and Cambridge Assessment. Successful applicants have the opportunity to receive a certificate that is certified by IHWO and Cambridge.

This traditionally face to face course is now (prompted by the Covid pandemic) offered in a 100% online version. The course content is absolutely identical and takes place in the virtual classroom of Zoom. The students for teaching practice are real though! :-)

The course tutors are our regular IH Akcent-based teacher trainers, and are experienced supportive and standardised. The final certificate does not indicate whether the course was taken on-line or face to face.

Who is it for?

  • Teachers from all over the world
  • Both newly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Teachers that are new to teaching YLs and Teens
  • Teachers in a context where there is little opportunity for in-house YL training
  • Teachers that anticipate teaching YLs and Teens in the near future
  • Teachers who want to make use of the Covid 19 “headache”