About School

about school

AKCENT International House Prague has been a language school since 1988. It was started by 15 Czech English language teachers.

In 1990 the school became a private company. We are proud to be a cooperative, owned by most of the permanent staff.

In February 2000 the school affiliated with the International House World Organisation and changed its name to AKCENT international House Prague.

Now, we have grown to be one of the three biggest private language schools in the Czech Republic. The English department employs over 80 full-time members of staff and has in excess of 2000 students.

AKCENT International House Prague is not only a language school; it is also involved in resource and project development such as e-learning.

Furthermore, we are also the foremost teacher training school in the country and offer a range of courses for teachers. We offer a number of TEFL courses including The Cambridge CELTA and DELTA, a young learner certificate and one in teaching business English and our Teacher Training Center is of the primary locations for teacher training and teacher development in the country.

The main school in Prague 4 is surrounded on all sides by a garden with trees and benches. It is a five-minute walk from a metro station Budějovická, which is just 10 minutes from the city centre.

The school features the Teacher Training Center as well as the recently remodeled and enlarged main school, complete with classrooms, staffroom, administration and library (you can see more photos of the school in the picture gallery). The Akcent Cafe, a full-service restaurant and cafe is also located on site. In addition to our Prague location, AKCENT IH Prague offers off-site training in Brno and Bratislava during the summer months.

How to get to AKCENT IH Prague: Take the Metro (red line) to station Budějovická. From there, it is a pleasant five minute walk to the school.

Map extern-ico of the school’s address.