Whatever your age, you can learn a language.
"Studying a language is like learning to ride a bike. When you start riding a bike, you don't think about its parts and how they work. You start pedalling, you figure out how to move forward and how to keep your balance and, in the end, you intuitively realise all the different things that need to be done to ride effectively. If you start thinking, you might fall off.“

News from the world of AKCENT.
Published 01.07.2021
Opening hours of the registration office from 19th July 2021
Published 23.06.2021
Opening hours of the registration office will be iregular and limited during the summer holiday. Please, check the information here. Thank you for your understanding AKCENT IH Team
Published 10.05.2021
Published 01.02.2021
Part-time, evenings-only CELTA… and online?! Yes!
Published 02.12.2020
Our credentials, not just empty promises.
International House World Organisation, the international network of quality language schools, was founded in 1953. Nowadays, there are 160 language schools in 52 countries all over the world. AKCENT International House Prague joined the global network in 2000.
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