On-line application for The Cambridge CELTA course.

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General information

Part one

 Take a look at the words in the following sentence and put them into categories (there may be more than one, or none, in each category):

The sheriff told us to leave town immediately or he would jail me.
Part two

What is wrong with each sentence and why do you think a learner might have made the mistake?
The first item is an example.

The biggest problem are the money.

What is wrong?

The verb 'be' should be in the singular form: is.

What might have led to the mistake?

The word 'money' might be countable in learner's first language and, although she is not saying *monies*, she is used to using the plural verb form with the word.

There is a blackbird on the picture.
Do I should write it?
We can look at television tonight.
Part three

What 3 phrases might you teach a class of A2 learners (low intermediate) to help them give advice? One example could be: I think you should…

Part four

Write about 300 words about your experience with learning another language (or some other kind of skill). It does not matter whether or not you achieved a high level. You can discuss why your experience was successful and/or what obstacles you encountered. Think about yourself, your teacher, the methods used or any other conditions.

If you are invited to interview, you may be asked to expand on points you have made here.

Please check that you have answered all questions.

In case the application fails to send, please email zuzana.piper@akcent.cz who will help you out.