Teach Business English

Who is it for?

This course is designed for teachers with experience of teaching business English as well as for those without much experience. If you want to improve your chances on the job market and learn to adapt your teaching effectively to the business English context, this is an ideal opportunity. The course is interactive, up-to-date and gives the participants space to raise questions and share experiences. Most importantly, it improves your linguistic knowledge in the area of business English and teaches you plenty of new techniques and activities.

Where does it come from?

The course is designed by a team of experienced teacher trainers at AKCENT IH Prague, who have been involved in the teaching of business English for many years. The requirements for obtaining the TBE AKCENT IH Certificate is 80% attendance, 60% of assigned homework.

What does the course cover?

The course contains 20 modules, each of 75 minutes, and they are divided into 3 strands as shown below

Teach Business English

Strand 1
Basic Business Awareness
Strand 2
Professional skills
Strand 3
Methodology and materials
Course introduction Strand introduction Learner-centred approaches
Business speaking skills Needs analysis Approaches to classroom practice
Business writing skills Syllabus design The lexical approach
Corporate structure Principles of lesson planning Practising speaking skills
Marketing „The client approach“ to teaching executives Practising writing skills
Sales Conducting feedback Using authentic materials
Accountancy Adapting published materials
Banking Adapting materials from video and radio
Markets The numerical-graphical approach
Human Resources Management 1 Business games
Human Resources Management 2 Creating your own materials
Product Development and production
Continuing your Business Education

Where will the course take place?

At AKCENT IH Prague, Bítovská 3 or 5, Prague 4, near to the Budějovická metro station. Map extern-ico

For further information, please, contact:


Lucie Vančová
Teacher Training Centre Coordinator

telephone: +420 261 109 249
e-mail: lucie.vancova@akcent.cz