Teaching English to Very Young Learners

Who is it for?

Qualified and Experienced language teachers that are interested in teaching Very Young Learners.

Qualified and Experienced language teachers who have already taught Young Learners but would like specific training.


To prepare teachers for the specific challenges of working with very young learners (6 and below).

Course objectives

The ever increasing number of preschool children learning English and the constantly decreasing age that they start learning it is a growing trend. This course caters to teachers who are currently teaching VYL (pre-primary/ early years), are about to start teaching VYL or at minimum have access to VYL classes which they can observe. You may have experience of teaching YL classes, but find that the needs of learners age 6 or younger are different and require a different approach.

This course aims to introduce you to the principles involved in teaching this age group and give you a bank of activities and resources to support your teaching.

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