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Please complete the following task carefully as it is one of the factors we take into consideration when making a decision about your application. We recommend the use of a grammar book or of grammar sites on the Internet. However, if you struggle too much with a particular question, it is perfectly acceptable to leave it unanswered.

Part One

Add two more similar items to each list:

Part Two

For each of the following sentences:

  1. Correct the student error by writing the corrected sentence in the first box.
  2. In the second box explain, as simply as possible, why we use the corrected version.
Example: I read a book at the moment.
  1. I'm reading a book at the moment.
  2. Used here to express the idea of an action taking place at the moment of speaking.We say ‘I read’ when describing our habits or general behaviour, e.g. ‘I read two book a month.’
Part Three

How would you explain to a learner of English the difference in meaning between the following pairs of words?

Part Four
Part Five

If you are invited to interview, you may be asked to expand on points you have made here.

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