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Accommodation is available for those who are coming to the course from abroad or for those who wish to avoid long commutes.

About the location

During the year we have 3 apartments for the total of 9 course participants. All 3 apartments are within a walking distance from the school (or a 2-minute bus ride). All of them are in a quiet streets and with a garden, so they provide ideal study enviroment. At the same time it will only take you about 10 minutes to the very city or other attractive locations.

About the apartments

You will have your own room with a bed, a wardrobe, a desk and a chair. The kitchen and the bathroom are shared and equipped with basic kitchen amenities, including a cooker and a washing machine.

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About the cost

shared flat
1 day
19 €
1 week
133 €
2 weeks
266 €
3 weeks
399 €
4 weeks (for CELTA students)
532 €
5 weeks
665 €
6 weeks
798 €
7 weeks
931 €
8 weeks
1064 €

  • extra nights (subject to availability)
    19 €/per night

The prices quoted above are final and include wifi and end-of-stay cleaning.

Contact person

Oleksandra Rieznyk
725 871 294
Teacher Training Centre