Update of information for Delta COVID-19 Pandemic Information

Face-to-face teaching is now possible in the Czech Republic, as long as all participants have a recent negative COVID test, have had at least one dose of vaccine 3+ weeks previously, or can show that they recovered from COVID in the previous 180 days. However, travel to and from other countries is still restricted. So, we are offering Delta Modules courses in these formats:

Delta Module 1 preparation – full-time and part-time online through live sessions on Zoom. Full-time 5th-16th July 2021 and Part-time 11th September to 13th November 2021.

Delta Module 2: The full-time course will be in blended format with input online through Zoom, and teaching practice in-person for local candidates or online for remote candidates. Six-week course from 19th July to 27th August 2021.

Support and input for Delta Module 3 are entirely online, and the assignment is submitted electronically, so these are unaffected by the pandemic.

If you are considering travelling to the Czech Republic from abroad for a course, check the COVID-19 requirements for entry and for return to your country of residence.

Cambridge Delta Module 1 Application

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