The current situation due to the pandemic has caused some changes to Delta Modules deadlines:

Delta Module 1 exam: Cambridge Assessment have postponed the exam date to July 22nd.

Delta Module 2: internal and external LSA assessments cannot be carried out online or by recording lessons. If any candidate is supposed to be assessed on an external assessment for a referral and cannot because of restrictions, then they can submit this for the October 2020 deadline instead. 

Delta Module 3: The Delta Module 3 is submitted electronically and so is able to go ahead. The June 2020 submissions deadline has been extended to Monday 29th June 2020, with results expected to be released from Friday 21st August. 

Summer Full-time Delta courses 

Full-time Delta Module 1 preparation 6th July to 17th July 2020 – As this course consists of input sessions and practice tasks, we are able to deliver it online through interactive online sessions with little or no change. If restrictions on schools and border restrictions are still in force at the end of June, we will still offer this course online. If restrictions have ended, it will be in face-to-face format as originally planned. 

Full-time Delta Module 2 course 20th July to 27th August 2020 – Cambridge Assessment do not allow teaching for Delta Module 2 assessment to be carried out online so this course can only run face-to-face. However, it is currently expected that restrictions may be lifted in or during May. 

If candidates have applied and have been interviewed and accepted by us for this course, they will not have to go through the application process again for a future Delta Modules course.