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B2 First (FCE)/B2 First for Schools


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B2 First exam (formerly FCE) is for candidates who have completed approximately 4-5 years of study (level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Coordination of the Council of Europe).

B2 First Certificate confirms that the candidate controls English at a level that is sufficient for her practical use, for example, as manager. The ideal candidate should have a broad vocabulary, be able to defend his/her opinion in the discussion and also be able to properly adapt the style of his/her testimony to the situation. At some universities, B2 First is recognized as an English qualification.

B2 First (formerly FCE) for Schools is tailored to the experience of high school students. Students will receive the same certificate as adults who pass the general version of the B2 First exam.

B2 First / B2 First for Schools (formerly FCE)

  1. Read and use language - 75 minutes
  2. Writing - 80 minutes
  3. Listening - about 40 minutes
  4. Speaking - 14 minutes

Ratings and results:

Since January 2015, there have been changes to individual test components . Cambridge English introduced the so-called Cambridge English Scale

You can find more information and explanations of the point range here .

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